Me062 Account Assignment Categories

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Dear All,

We have prepay for equipment and trying to run these prepaid through the project. We need to post into this prepaid GL account.

We are unable to create an account assignment to PO to the Prepaid account and a WBS, we received the following message:

 GL account 108000 cannot be used (Please Correct). 

Message no. ME045



Comparison of the field selection strings from the G/L account 108000 and the account assignment category P reveals that there is an incompatible combination of field selections for the field selectiongroup 'Network'.


The G/L account field selection is stored in table T004F; that for the

account assignment is stored in table T162K.



Please enter a correct G/L account.


  • In TC OBC4 what status field for GL do I select to compare with TCode OME9 status field for Account Assignment Category?


Can you please let me know what to compare in Account assignment Category field and GL account to ensure that these are in sync with each other.


Thank you


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Purchase Order Account Assignment Category

Concept of account assignment category for direct usage for particular purposes or consumption.

You specify which account assignment object is to be charged via the account assignment category such as (cost center, sales order, and so on) Which accounts are to be charged when the incoming invoice or goods receipt is posted & which account assignment data you must provide. Account assignment category is used at the time of creation of a purchase order. For normal PO no AAC is used. 

If the posting is directly to a cost center(K) or Asset(A) we need this AAC. You can see this at ME21n under item overview.

Path:SPRO--->Materials Management--->Purchasing--->Account Assignment--->Maintain Account assignment categories .


1. Check the attributes of the account assignment categories

2. Maintain the account assignment categories to suit your requirements

Now click on new entries as per your business requirement you may define the same

For automatic account determination in Account assigned Purchase order for a material.

You need to maintain the Following

Valuation Class for the material in Material master accounting view.

If you have maintained the Valuation grouping code for the Plant in OMWD, please use the same in G/L account determination

Goto OBYC,

Click on transaction key BSX.

Enter the Valuation grouping code , Valuation class & The G/L account

Click on transaction key GBB

Enter the Valuation grouping code, General modifier VBR, Valuation class & the G/L Account.

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