English Coursework Conclusion


Once you have made all your points and supported those points with evidence and explanations you are nearly there. You just need to add a final paragraph reminding the reader of the main points that back up your argument.


One of the most important things about an essay is the way it looks. A teacher or examiner will get a sense of how good an essay is just by glancing at it. If it is in a single block of text, with no paragraph breaks, for example, it is not going to get more than a D.

Make sure your:

  • paragraphs are clearly indicated - indent each opening line or leave a gap between paragraphs
  • paragraphs are around the same length - this will show that your essay has a balanced structure including clear points, evidence and explanation (remember P-E-E!)
  • longer quotations are easily seen - they should sit clearly in the middle of the page

Now try a Test Bite.

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The rationale for this post has been explored here .  My intention is to provide an outline and resources to help students in Year 10/11 approach “the Beast” – the 6 poem coursework extravaganza that gives 40% of their IGCSE marks…

The task requires careful planning and is the nearest i get to a scaffold at this level.  I try to encourage clear planning of each paragraph, let alone the essay as a whole and I am working on a model of roughly 3 paragraphs for each “major” essay with the “minor”poems being used as links between the majors – roughly a single paragraph for each.

Here is the teaching outline: coursework 2015


I also referred in the original post to John Thomsett’s excellent post on Janus Sentences: janus sentences


This booklet was prepared by a colleague: Jade Boyle.  It is a cracking piece of work.

Y10 Lit coursework booklet

I attach a set of EDEXCEL sample essays for information and recommend that all students look at these.  It is brilliant to write in a manner which is a consistent comparison, but Edexcel are clear that direct comparison is not needed and I recommend the 3-1-3-1-1-3 outline as a good starting point.

Examples High Mark Courseworkf

Exemplar Materials 4ET0 03 June 2014

Folder E

Folder F

Folder G

Folder H

Folder C

Folder D

Folder A

Folder B



Like this:


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