Tyndale Biscoe School Srinagar Assignments Due

Tyndale Biscoe School is a school in Jammu and Kashmir in the heart of the summer capital Srinagar.[1] The school was founded in 1880 CE and is one of the oldest schools in Jammu and Kashmir. The school was started by Christian missionaries and was named after Canon Cecil Tyndale-Biscoe (1863–1949).[2] It still has affiliations with the Church Mission Society.


It was during the first half of the 19th century that the Church Mission Society from U.K made their appearance in Srinagar. At first, the missionaries thought it prudent to administer medical relief to the people of Srinagar during the periods of epidemics. Their useful services encouraged them to fight illiteracy. The founder of modern education in Kashmir was Rev. J.H. Knowles. It was in 1880 that Rev. Knowles laid the foundation of the C.M.S. (Church Mission Society) School on the hospital premises (Modern Chest Disease Hospital, Drugjan) in Srinagar. The school was started with 5 pupils. In 1883, the number of boys in the school increased to 30.

It was in 1890 that the Government permitted the C.M.S. to shift the school to downtown and it was moved from the hospital premises (Drugjan) to a large house and compound on the river bank in the middle of the city at FatehKadal. As a result of this, the number of students increased to about 200 in 1890. Times changed, so that when Canon C.E. Tyndale-Biscoe joined the school in 1891, there were 250 pupils on the school roll. The Primary School grew into a Middle School and eventually into a High School. The High School was designated the Hadow Memorial School after the name of its Honorary Treasurer for 40 years. Eventually, five other mission schools were set up, one each in different parts of the capital city and one in Anantnag.

From 1893, Tyndale-Biscoe undertook various social service programmes. It may be true that social service formed a part of the Mission School. Biscoe said that the products of his school learnt to be sorry for those in trouble. They could differentiate between their school spirit and the spirit of the city. These boys must have realized that Srinagar was far behind the rest of the world. Thus, they set themselves to the task of changing the Society.

School organisation[edit]


The school is divided into four houses, named after mountain peaks in the Kashmir Valley.

  • Kolohai - Red
  • Harmukh - Yellow
  • Tatakuti - Blue
  • Mahadev - Green

Competitions between these houses are held. Points for different activities are thus allotted to the houses. The house scoring the most points at the end of the session is awarded the "Champion House Trophy".


The School is known in the valley to have an array of co-curricular activities. Tyndale Biscoe School was the first in the valley to have its well maintained swimming pool, with a state of the art technology.

Other activities include:

  • The Annual Cross Country Run(1st-12th)
  • Summer Camps(4th-9th and 11th)
  • The Mahadev Climb (Trek to a 3996m peak)10th class only.
  • The Zabarwan Climb
  • Annual Excursions
  • Debates, Seminars etc.
  • Skiing Courses
  • The School has recently re-introduced NSS
  • Regatta
  • Round the boats, One mile, Dal Cross competition and Inter-house Football & Basketball matches
  • High Altitude Camps

To name a few.


The school has its own NSS wing. The NSS wing is headed by Dr. Khwaja Irfan Ali of the +2 Department.

Sehal Masood and Munis Saleem under the supervision of Dr. Irfan Ali, reintroduced NSS in the School.[3]

The NSS department has been well received by the Staff and Administration alike. The unit plays an important role in the management of different events held in the School. Moreover, NSS conducts awareness programs, rallies, and social welfare campaigns. The NSS wing of the School thus after its inception by the said candidates has been the front runner among all other Private institutions of the Valley and continues to impact the socio-cultural construct of the student community. In 2015, few NSS volunteers from school organised a grand fundraising campaign for Flood victims of Kashmir entitled Taqdeer-e-Kashmir which aimed to raise funds for flood victims and to felicitate those young people who rescued flood hit people during the September 2014 Floods.


The school has five departments. The Activities of the departments are looked over by well experienced Head Of Departments.

All the Departments have well trained and educated teachers who look over the children and maintain contact with their Parents/Guardians.

Lower Primary Department.Nursery to II
Junior DepartmentIII to V
Middle DepartmentVI to VIII
Senior DepartmentIX and X
Higher Secondary (Science Stream only)XI and XII



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Satlal Block - Main Block

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