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When it comes to making a difference in this world, teachers are on the top of the list.

 If you’ve ever had the benefit of a making a student smile, seeing the ‘aha’ moment in a child’s eye or being the difference maker in the life of a student, then you know just how powerful teaching can be.  Although it can be a difficult road, there is nothing quite like being a teacher.

I’ve had many job titles throughout my life, from being a paperboy to being in charge of a business, yet nothing has ever made me beam with pride quite like the title ‘teacher.’  It has not always been the easiest of roads, however, and I’ve faced more ‘rollercoaster’ years as a teacher than I have with any other profession. Yet even with all of the ‘ups and downs,’ there is one thing that I can clearly state at the end of the day.  “I am a teacher, and I am proud!”

I am a teacher and I am proud

I am proud to be a part of a group of individuals who do what they do for the love of the job and the student, not for the desire of the dollar.

I am proud to be part of a profession where our daily ’employees’ are in our care for one year. Yet five, ten, even twenty years later they come back, searching specifically for you in hopes to be able to say, “Thank you.”

I am proud to have colleagues who inspire me every day to be a better teacher.

I am proud to be in a position where at times I am a mentor for those who need it, a shoulder to cry on when no one else will listen, or a much needed positive authority figure to help guide the way.

I am proud to be a part of a job that doesn’t feel like a job. Where every day, no matter how I am feeling,  I have students that are happy to see me and love that I am there.

I am proud to be in a profession where, if I am absent, I am genuinely missed by the people who I am serving. It always feels good to have students say, “We missed you.”

I am proud to be part of something nobody can possibly understand until they set foot in a classroom and teach. No theory, textbook or study can truly define what teachers do each day to make an impact.

I am proud that I get to come alongside parents every day knowing they trust me with their most precious and valuable gift.

I am proud to be a part of the profession that creates all other professions.

I am proud to be on this journey with my fellow teachers because together we have the priceless opportunity to impact, influence and inspire the future of our world.

A simple encouragement…

No matter where you may be in your teaching career, whether you are on top of the world or feeling more towards the bottom, BE PROUD.  You are a part of something much bigger than you can even imagine.  You are making an impact of epic proportions, you are changing the lives of your students and what you do each day matters more than you know.

Be PROUD to call yourself ‘Teacher.’

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Yes, I am a girl and I am really very happy to be one.
I being a girl have the power to conquer the world, destroy it and recreate it. I am the Shakti of Shiva, I am the Lakshmi of Vishnu, and the Saraswati of Brahma. I am the creator of all the feelings known to mankind. I am the happiness, I am the sadness, I am the love, I am the lust. I am the one who can turn a house into home, a hell into heaven, a bad into good. I have the power to organize. I have the power to change and lead the world. Yes, I am a girl and I am actually proud to be one.

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I am proud Indira Gandhi who can run the most complex Nation, I am proud Aishwarya Rai who can mesmerize anyone with her beauty, I am proud Kalpana Chawla who can go beyond you can imagine, I am proud Saniya Mirza who can show the world how to play, I am the Proud Sudha Murthy who knows how to deal with business, I am Proud Lata Mangeskar who can touch your soul with one aalaap, I am proud Kiran Majumdar Shaw who saves lives with her medicines… I am amongst those many proud names that made their identity touch the sky.

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I am a girl and I love to do things like one. I can dance in heels all day and don’t complain, I work for 18-20 hours a day without any pays and still I don’t complain, I may sometimes be weak but in the next minute I become the symbol of strength. I may ask you for a little love but trust me I am not dependent on that. I am efficient enough to earn my bread and yours too. I am a woman of multi-tasking I can talk on phone, cut the vegetables and watch TV altogether. I am the one who can carry a Saree with an absolute ease and in the very next moment I can bling your eyes in a micro-mini.

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I am the proud human to have a power to give birth to another human. I am the one who despite of being criticized for doing whatever I do, I keep my journey on. You say one can never understand a woman, I say never dare to do so because this will either get you mad else, fallen in Love with me. I am as complex as simple. I have a heart that can store countless secrets; I can cry all night and still wish you good morning with a smile. Sometimes, I intentionally do stupid things, just because I find you too busy to pay me a little attention. I am the proud girl who once falls in love and never gets out of it and can fight the whole world for it.

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I am a girl who walks like a girl, the one who talks like a girl, cries like a girl and acts like a girl and feels no shame about it. I am a girl and I am meant to do things like a girl only. Trust me, if you could do a little better, you could do it like a Girl as well.

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I am a proud lover, a proud wife, a proud daughter, a proud mother, a proud sister and of course a proud individual.

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