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Bareilly Cantt. Assembly constituency (Hindi: बरेली कैंट विधान सभा निर्वाचन क्षेत्र) is one of the 403 constituencies of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, India. It is a part of the Bareilly district and one of the five assembly constituencies in the Bareilly (Lok Sabha constituency). First election in this assembly constituency was held in 1957 after the "DPACO (1956)" (delimitation order) was passed in 1956.[1] After the "Delimitation of Parliamentary and Assembly Constituencies Order" was passed in 2008, the constituency was assigned identification number 125.[2][3][4][5]

Wards / Areas[edit]

Extant of Bareilly Cantt. Assembly constituency is Bareilly (CB), Ward Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6, 8 to 11, 16, 17, 20, 21, 25, 27, 33, 34, 35, 38, 40, 42 to 45, 50, 52, 53, 54 & 57 to 60 in Bareilly (M Corp.) of 4 Bareilly Tehsil.[3]

Members of the Legislative Assembly[edit]

0101st Vidhan Sabha--Mar-1952Mar-19571,849Constituency not in existence[6]
0202nd Vidhan SabhaMohammad HussainIndian National CongressApr-1957Mar-19621,800-[7]
0303rd Vidhan SabhaMar-1962Mar-19671,828-[8]
0404th Vidhan SabhaRama BallabhBharatiya Jana SanghMar-1967Apr-1968402-[9]
0505th Vidhan SabhaAshfaq AhmadIndian National CongressFeb-1969Mar-19741,832-[10]
0606th Vidhan SabhaBadam SinghBharatiya Jana SanghMar-1974Apr-19771,153-[11]
0707th Vidhan SabhaAshfaq AhmadIndian National CongressJun-1977Feb-1980969-[12]
0808th Vidhan SabhaIndian National Congress (I)Jun-1980Mar-19851,735-[13]
0909th Vidhan SabhaRaffiq AhmedIndian National CongressMar-1985Nov-19891,725-[14]
1010th Vidhan SabhaPraveen Singh AronJanata DalDec-1989Apr-1991488-[15]
1111th Vidhan SabhaIslam SabirIndian National CongressJun-1991Dec-1992533-[16]
1212th Vidhan SabhaPraveen Singh AronSamajwadi PartyDec-1993Oct-1995693-[17]
1313th Vidhan SabhaAshfaq AhmadOct-1996May-20021,967-[18]
1414th Vidhan SabhaShahlin IslamIndependentFeb-2002May-20071,902-[19]
1515th Vidhan SabhaVirendra SinghBahujan Samaj PartyMay-2007Mar-20121,762-[20]
1616th Vidhan SabhaRajesh AgarwalBharatiya Janata PartyMarch-2012Mar-20171,800-[7]
1717th Vidhan SabhaMar-2017Incumbent--[8]

Election results[edit]

BJPRajesh Agarwal51,89333.71
SPFahim Sabir Ansari32,94421.40
IEMCAnees Ahmad Khan24,35315.82
INCSupriya Aron16,31010.59
BSPRam Gopal Misra15,87110.31
JKP(R)Rakesh Kashyap3,3602.18
BJPgain from BSPSwing

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