Dvdvideosoft Youtube Mp3 Conversion Error On Assignment

There are many YouTube downloaders, but Free YouTube to MP3 Converter does something slightly different: it just grabs the audio. You might want to use it to grab the audio from a concert someone has uploaded, or perhaps save the narration from a vlog.

With support for saving audio as MP3, M4A (AAC), WAV, FLAC, and OGG, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter can create audio files suitable for any device. There are no frills – the name tells you what it does, and it doesn't really veer from that path.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter's interface is well-designed, clean, and uncluttered. The key features are accessible through a handful of buttons, and you may find there is never a need to venture into the menu system - a real boon for anyone working in unfamiliar territory.

The real beauty of Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is that it focuses on a single task, and does it really well. It doesn't pretend to be anything it's not; it just gets on with the job in hand. One nice touch is the option to have your computer shut down once a download is complete – great if you want to start a lengthy download before going to bed.

It's important to note that you should only download videos when you have the copyright owner's permission to do so. YouTube's terms of service explicitly prohibit unauthorized downloading.

User experience

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter is wonderfully simple to use. There's really very little opportunity to go wrong. Fire up your favorite web browser and surf your way around YouTube. When you find a video whose audio you'd like to save for posterity, just copy the URL to the clipboard and turn to Free YouTube to MP3 Converter. After you've pasted in the address, the program will analyze the video, then let you choose the format and quality you would like to save the file in. Hit the Download button, and the program works its magic.

In some ways, Free YouTube to MP3 Converter feels like a big advert designed to encourage you to upgrade to the paid version. The in-app prompting is hard to ignore to start with, but over time it's possible to turn a blind eye to it.

It's a shame that the free version doesn't include the option to download entire playlists – you'll have to resort to grabbing audio from videos individually - but it's no great hardship really, unless you become a hardcore downloader.

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  • Im still recieving this error when trying to download songs from youtube

    Please follow this instruction:

    1. Go to Start->All programs->DVDVideoSoft->Uninstall
    2. Manually delete folders (if you have them on your PC):
    - C:Program FilesDVDVideoSoft
    - C:Program FilesCommon FilesDVDVideoSoft
    C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingDVDVideoSoft (this folder is hidden, you should change the settings, to be viewable so you can delete)
    3. Download and install free cleaning program CCleaner
    4. Open CCleaner, go to Cleaner tab und click Run CCleaner
    5. Open Registry tab, click Scan for Issues and then click Fix selected issues...
    6. Then download and install Free Studio

    If the error persists, submit a request to support team

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