Parkway South High Homework In Spanish

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English Language Arts

Molly Dillon

Andy Cochran

Georggia Holt

English Language Arts

Chris Marino

Kirsten Hansen

Molly Klein


Jacki Gilligan

Hannah Devenport

Andrea Huskey

World Geography

Karissa Brueggeman

Joe Kelly

Mary Wilsdon


Deborah Rankin*

Rachel Dohrmann*

Greg Herndon*^

* Denotes Team Leader
^ Denotes Department Leader 

Seventh Grade     

English Language Arts

Sheri Dicker

Gwen Unell

Emily Thornburg

English Language Arts

Deionza Shelton

Debra Kelly*



Laurie Rettenmaier

Alex Spellicy

Kira Brennan*

World History

Joan Henderson*

Janey Drace  

Jenna Lucas


Jennifer Dolan

Ruth Bishop

Shelley Freiberger

* Denotes Team Leader

 Eighth Grade 

English Language Arts

Cryslynn Billingsley

Lynn Hinton

English Language Arts

Scott Maue

Kathryn Hermann

English Language Arts &

Social Studies


John Duvall^


Karen Brown*

Emily Goodman

U.S. History

Richard Muszalski

Andrae Smith^


Brock Montgomery

Ryun Deckert*

Math & Science


Tony Chiodini^

* Denotes Team Leader
^ Denotes Department Leader

 Encore and Interventions

Stacy Scarlett
Family & Consumer Science

Jordan Black

Julie Laytham

Jason Crawford

Colin Lanning
Technical Education

Connor Scott

Ali Ghasedi

Gina Covington-James
Business Education

Peggy Craig^

Kristen Palmer

Jessica Grooms

Scott D'Angelo
Arts & Crafts

Kathy Pennington

Francine Pinkowski

Suzanne Greenwalt

Victoria Churchill

Shannon Shafer

Chuck Sachs

Lisa Haugen^

Mike Steep

Gillian Slaughter^

Annette McConnell

Mark Linn

Cynthia Adams


Brian Prince

Andrew LaRose
Bells & Percussion

Carol Lickenbrock Fujii^


^ Denotes Department Leader

Special School District   

Heather Adams

Ann Coffey

Claire Gallo^

Kalli Hunt

Susan Hyde

Carrie Leipholtz

Mike Liebreich

Allison Ornberg

Nancy Pierce

Kristen Wong

Wendy Zieleskiewicz


^ Denotes Department Leader

Summer Assignments - 2018

New for Summer 2018:  Mandatory summer assignments will not be made for the same reasons that our district does not support homework during school breaks.  It is the belief of Forsyth County Schools that many learning opportunities beyond academics are available through summer experiences including family travel, summer camps, independent learning by following personal interests/passions, part time jobs, apprenticeships, and internships.  Any assignments designed for summer completion will be considered teacher suggestions and will be optional for students.  Completed assignments will not be considered for a grade.  However, Forsyth County Schools believes in the value of effective written feedback designed to promote student growth and increased achievement.  Therefore, while completed assignments will not receive a numerical grade, students can expect to receive written commentary from their teachers.

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