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Power and Manipulation Essay

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Throughout human history’s course, women hardly retained free speech rights. The men possessed an absolute authority over females because they had strength and larger duties. However, women’s low societal position confined them from seeking independence, security, and achievements. The general public’s analysis was strictly constrained to female domestic tasks. If one defied the social structure, the consequences would result condemnation and shame on the entire family. Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice contain many underlying information regarding women’s hierarchy status, maintaining social distinctions and obligations, and acquiring power.
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Women did not have the opportunity to decide their future; the patriarch often chose his daughters’ fates.
Individualism in an ideal society cannot exist because it destroys the peoples’ order and beliefs. Class distinction through status and money help regulate the social hierarchy. If an individual obstructs the balance, chaos and hostility among the groups would occur. For instance, the Bennets risk the opportunity for societal advancement to Lydia’s carelessness. Lydia Bennet’s infamous elopement cause humiliation for her family; Elizabeth says, “If you were aware, of the very great disadvantage to us all, which must arise from the public notice of Lydia's unguarded and imprudent manner.” (Austen ch.41). Elizabeth’s comments demonstrate the importance of following society’s rules rather than jeopardizing family relations. For example, Lady Catherine’s continual command over the inferiors assures her high position. When Elizabeth prepares for dinner, her friend Charlotte says, “Lady Catherine will not think the worse of you for being simply dressed. She likes to have the distinction of rank preserved." (Austen; this quote demonstrates the struggle women possess regarding power. The underlying emotion Lady Catherine retains consists of fear and uncertainty. She thrives for power and success, therefore removing her dominance would set up

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Manipulating People

Some people are superb at manipulating others. However, some people make it difficult for such people to manipulate others. Psychological and emotional manipulation is the most common form of manipulation. Emotional manipulation may be very harmful to an individual once they give in. What most people do not know is that it can be easy to identify manipulators and avoid them. Manipulators may do this for the purpose of gaining something after manipulating others. A person trying to manipulate others may use various techniques. Sometimes, it may not be clear what the motive of those who manipulate others is. What motivates people into manipulating others may be known to them but may not be clear to the victims of manipulation. Clearly those who manipulate others have a motivation to gain.

Ways of Manipulating People

People who manipulate others into believing or doing things have techniques that they use on people. First they identify peoples’ weaknesses. They then use the weak points to manipulate individuals to their advantage. It is very unfair to use people’s weaknesses to exploit them or to manipulate them. Those who manipulate others have convincing abilities. They are able to convince and drug individuals into what they want. They can also instill guilt in the individuals as a way of winning the victims into doing what they want. People who like manipulating others like lying. They lie to the people in the efforts to support their arguments and gain the support or whatever else they need from the individual. The people who like manipulating others may also intimidate individual and thus coercing them to accept what they want. This is one of the reasons why manipulating others is considered abusive. The people who like manipulating others are good in denying if they are caught lying or if they meet people who identify them as manipulators. A manipulator may also project blame onto others in order to gain what they want.

Dealing with People who manipulate others

You need to know your individual rights. It is also important to have principles and be independent in thinking and decision making. In case you identify someone with the aim of manipulating you, confront them but do it carefully. On identifying such people who manipulate others, it is important and advisable to keep your distance to avoid incidents of manipulation. It is important to always ask questions where you think someone is manipulating you.

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