4 Day School Week Essay Contest

Victor Ramirez, a junior at the School for Advanced Studies, placed first in a 2018 Black History Essay Contest, hosted by Miami-Dade County Public School’s Department of Social Sciences and United Teachers of Dade.

Victor was required to research the unique experience of African Americans during the time of war and write an essay explaining the important role that African Americans had at that time. As the winner, he received $200 and was invited to the Thirlee Smith First Annual Black History Brain Bowl, which took place last week at the Lyric Theater.

Monsignor Edward Pace High School

Twelve seniors from Monsignor Edward Pace High School received acceptance letters to the University of Florida, in Gainesville, beginning this fall.

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Eudens and Tajmara Anotines, Myriam Dominique, Sharon Flores, Aleisha Fleurantine, Grace Li, Keanu Orfano, Alexander Pereda, Mikeiveka Sanon, Matthew Schaffer, Joshua Toledo, and Nickolas Valdes are the newly accepted Florida Gators, and they are members of honor societies, their campus ministry and extracurricular activities.

The University of Florida is one of the school’s that Pace High students visited during the school’s annual Florida College tour last fall.

Ransom Everglades School

Middle school students from Ransom Everglades School placed first in all three levels of the National History Bee Regional Competition, held at Pine Middle School last week.

Daniel Figueroa, Jonathan Pollack, and Javi Kumar won the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade titles, consecutively. In addition to these students, Lucas Blanco, Liam Forand, Erick Gross, Ian Barnett, Leo Fein, Kyler Pace, Liv Steinhardt, Stefan Baker, Tommy Fisher, Zach Marcus and Alex Van Lidth also competed and advanced to the national championship in Atlanta.

Bike, Run, Walk Family Event

Miami-Dade County School Board member Larry Feldman will host his eighth annual Bike, Run, Walk Family Event, in partnership with the village of Pinecrest, from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday at the Pinecrest Community Center, 5855 Killian Dr., in Pinecrest.

Feldman created the event to encourage students and their families to lead active and healthy lifestyles. There will be an on-site resource fair featuring helmet fittings, giveaways, free tune-ups, safety workshops and food trucks.

For information, call 305-284-0900.

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Fourteen middle school students from Ransom Everglades School competed in the National History Bee Regional Competition and advanced to the national championship in Atlanta. Javi Kumar, pictured, won the eighth-grade title.

Photo provided to the Miami Herald

Alonzo and Tracy Mourning High School’s boys and girls tennis teams recently defeated Miami Central High School’s teams by winning seven matches: five singles and two doubles. The Alonzo Mourning team is pictured with their head coach, Todd Rubinstein. The 7-0 sweep helped Rubinstein reach his 400th career high school victory as a head tennis coach.

Photo provided to the Miami Herald

Four Day School Week Essay

The school districts have been arguing about the school schedule to provide the most effective curricular benefits for students. The current economic downfall has impacted many of the schools in not teaching the students in the most effective environment and decreasing their graduation rate. Many school district have adopted a new four-day school schedule that significantly changes the customary five-day school week to recover its quality of educations. According to the National Conference of State Legislature, there are currently more than 120 school districts that performs a permanent four-day school program and are increasing their savings from reduced transportation costs. Implementing this four-day school week schedule can result in financial improvements from the decreased cost of maintaining school utilities, as well as improved student performances and lower absence rate. Because there is many advantages such as increased finance and lower absence rate of the students, school district should shift their schedule to four-day school week. By adding a third day to the weekend, students can focus in their classes and perform better in school.
Many students and faculties miss school days to attend some significant events such as doctors appointment. Changing the school schedule to extra free day allows the people to attend these events without disrupting the attendance and not miss any school days so that they do not fall behind everyone else. This one extra unscheduled day lessens the faculties absences and reduces the need for substitutes which can be helpful to prevent interruptions caused by the absences, thus reducing the personal costs. According to the Times Free Press, the disciplinary write ups for the high school absences decreased from 1,344 in 2008 to only 375 in 2011. The three day weekends allow families to have a small vacation without any absences. By students not missing any school days, they are right on task and understands what the teachers are showing them on the board.
The four-day school week have shown improvements in student’s academic performances. Some critics are concerned that students may not remember the lessons from last week because of the longer weekend and negatively impact students attention during classes. However, by shortening the days of the week, each day have a longer period of time which allows the teachers to teach without rushing through their lessons and assignments, allowing the students to recall all the knowledge. Students can ask more questions and receive a more detailed explanation from the teachers due to the longer period. The third day added to the weekend refreshes students mind and gives extra time for homework and projects on the weekends. According to the Indiana Education Policy, many struggling students use the extra day for tutoring and catching up to the class without compromising time during school. Some school district have teacher meetings and training day on the extra free...

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