Singapore Tradenet Case Study

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1 Singapore TradenetA Tale of One City

2 Suggested Study Questions
1. What was Lee Kuan Yew’s vision for Singapore? What challenges did he face in achieving this vision?2. Describe the trade documentation process before and after the implementation TradeNet. Who were the major stakeholders involved in the process redesign?3. Evaluate the process used to implement TradeNet. Would you consider the implementation “successful” If so, what factors contributed to its success? If not, what factors contributed to its failure?4. What effect will Tradenet have on countries inside and/or outside the Pacific Rim?Dr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -2

3 Why TradeNet case?The case presents the story behind the development of an industrywide information technology (IT) platform to facilitate trade documentation processing. The (TradeNet) system is essential for Singapore to maintain its position as a key port in the region.Dr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -3

4 Goals of the TradeNet Project
The original goalRedesign of the trade process toThe transformation of the country’sStrategy and infrastructureEDIeventually led to the development of TradeNetDr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -4

5 TradeNet involves the partnership of a unique assortment of government agencies, bureaus, statutory boards, private agencies, and private companies involved in all aspects of the shipment of goods.The apparent success of the effort invites a review of the factors that contributed to the initiative and its implementations.The case provides an inter-organizational perspective to the theme of IT-enabled organizational changes and an example of IT-enabled business process redesign.Dr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -5

6 Lee Kuan Yew’s Vision for Singapore
Challenges and opportunities that Singapore faced from its birth as an independent city-state to 1989.Lee’s methods (leadership style) for moving the country forward (committed, involved)Paul Nutt’s four tactics of leadership stylesedict, persuasion, participation, and active interventionmost frequently usedmost successfulHow important of trade to Singapore’s success (and why?)Dr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -6

7 TradeNet Implementation
Discuss the process by which the country transformed its trade process to increase its competitiveness.1. Establishing direction and developing the infrastructurevision, infrastructureembark on initiatives to identify opportunities (RFI, RFP)2. Clarifying the focus for change and establishing the transition organizationno single organization could accomplish the trade process redesign independently (partnership)social infrastructure changeDr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -7

8 TradeNet Implementation (cont.)
five critical success factors:gain commitment of all interested partiesagreement to agreeeach representative was an influential leaderredesign was a larger (interorganizational) BPRpersonnel movement are easier and quick (job rotations)3. Redesigning the trade processprototype: Trade Dial-Up (Merchants Air Cargo Inc.)existing process and new BPRFive critical success factors:1. gain commitment of all interested parties2. agreement to agree- cascading commitment based on the nature of the agreement between the stakeholders3.each representative was an influential leader of a large group of stakeholders- scope of he involvement of interested parties4. redesign was a larger (interorganizational) BPR- breadth and depth- as opposed to the individual pieces of the process controlled by each organization5. personnel movement are easier and quick (job rotations)- than would be possible in much larger countries: relationship, relocation, geographic, cultural changes & JOB ROTATIONfSNDr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -8

9 TradeNet Implementation (cont.)
4. Technical design and implementation (levels of risk)project sizeproject structureexperience with the technology (outsouricng and technology transfer)any evidence of the benefits5. An interesting approach to profit (liberal approach)extensive use of the statutory boardsthe government looked at capital and operations quite differently (effectiveness vs. efficiency)Dr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -9

10 Beyond TradeNet Impact of TradeNet on other countries:
Inside the Pacific RimTaiwanJapanHong Kong (TradeLink -- still in studying phase in 1991)Outside the Pacific RimHollandNorwayU.S.A.The “second act”economic dynamismquality of lifenational identityglobal reachDr. Chen, Singapore TradeNetTM -10

11 Beyond TradeNet (cont.)
TradeNet and SNS have become key building blocks of a bolder and more comprehensive vision for information infrastructure development in Singapore.EDI and value-added network services are seen as critical components for achieving the sophisticated infrastructure needed to support Singapore’s position as a global city.

12 Lessons for the Design of the Information Age Organization
Small size (state-county) vs. large size countryEastern vs. western organizationcollaborative and participative, yet top-downThe organizational design challenge of the 1990s (TN-5)

13 ConclusionsWe have an opportunity to analyzing the characteristics of an information age organization and the role of IT in supporting it.Understand the issues of:interorganizational and global organization designinformation infrastructurethe longitudinal implementation of comprehensive, systemic organization change

14 Figure: Hierarchy of Leadership Tools
VisionMission,Principles,and ValuesGoals / ObjectivesStrategiesPlansTacticsHierarchy of Leadership ToolsFigure: Hierarchy of Leadership Tools

15 Figure Stages of Information-Systems Strategic Planning
VisionMissionPoliciesGoalsTimeHorizonMetricsValuesObjectivesTimeHorizonMetricsValuesStrategiesTacticsFigure Stages of Information-Systems Strategic Planning



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