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Format: DRM Protected ePub
Vendor: Baker Academic
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN: 9781493410804
ISBN-13: 9781493410804

This robust, clear, and well-researched textbook for classes in logic introduces students to both formal logic and to the virtues of intellectual inquiry. Part 1 challenges students to develop the analytical skills of deductive and inductive reasoning, showing them how to identify and evaluate arguments. Part 2 helps students develop the intellectual virtues of the wise inquirer. The book includes helpful pedagogical features such as practice exercises and a concluding summary with definitions of key concepts for each chapter. Resources for professors and students are available through Baker Academic's Textbook eSources.

T. Ryan Byerly (PhD, Baylor University) is lecturer in philosophy of religion at the University of Sheffield in Sheffield, England. He previously taught at Regent University. He is the author of The Mechanics of Divine Foreknowledge and Providence and coeditor of the forthcoming book Paradise Understood: New Philosophical Essays about Heaven.

This engaging 376-page book develops critical thinking skills necessary for success in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, and standardized tests in Grades 2-3. The Building Thinking Skills® series is the bestselling thinking skills program in the world! The engaging, highly-effective activities are developmentally sequenced. Each skill (for example, classifying) is presented first in the semi-concrete figural-spatial form and then in the abstract verbal form. Students also learn important academic vocabulary, concepts, and skills as they analyze relationships between objects, between words, and between objects and words by:
     - Observing, recognizing, and describing characteristics
     - Distinguishing similarities and differences
     - Identifying and completing sequences, classifications, and analogies

These processes help students develop superior thinking and communication skills that lead to deeper content learning in all subjects.

  Figural-Spatial Skills

  • Describing shapes
  • Figures: compare/describe/copy/enlarge/divide
  • Diagrams: overlapping classes/Venn/branching/cycle
  • Mental pattern folding/symmetry
  • Directionality/Position in space
  • Mental rotation/reflection/tumbling/stacking/folding of 2-D objects
  • Congruence/area/volume
  • Analogies: size/color/orientation/detail
  • Visual motor integration and memory
  • Use of graphic organizers

  Verbal Skills

  • Spelling/Vocabulary/Writing:  describing things and words
  • Following and writing 1-, 2-, and 3-step directions
  • Antonyms/synonyms
  • Analogies: kind of/part of/used to/association/action
  • Deductive/Inductive reasoning
  • Parts of a whole
  • Map reading
  • Writing directions
  • Logic: if-then/yes-no/true-false
  • Orientation: person/place/time
  • Auditory memory
  • Language acquisition

Activities are modeled to reinforce skills and concepts. An answer guide is now included, however, a separate Instruction/Answer Guide is also available but is not required. The optional teaching guide includes objectives and focus questions that reinforce analytical skills. See components sold separately above for ordering information about the separate, optional Instruction/Answer Guide.

North Carolina Case Study

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