Capstone Leadership Essay

Leadership lens for academic education and real-world experiences

The benefits of the Leadership ePortfolio include:

  • Connections between academic coursework and experiences – "aha moments"
  • Documentation of learning within and beyond the classroom
  • Discoveries of how knowledge and skills can be applied in multiple contexts
  • Reflection on goals and learning over time
  • Synthesis of learning within the context of leadership knowledge and experiences
  • Provides a place to showcase activities and work completed
  • Flexible medium that can be customized for each individual

The Leadership Portfolio begins during the Foundations course and is completed throughout the Minor, culminating in the Capstone course.

The portfolio is your place to exhibit and blend your academic education and experiences through a leadership lens.

ePortfolio Set-up Instructions

Step 1:     

Access Google Sites Through Your CU IdentiKey

Use your IdentiKey to sign-on to:

Note: If signing in from the regular Gmail log-in page, you must attach to your IdentiKey user name to sign in. (i.e., not just engh1234)

Step 2:

Select the LSM ePortfolio template

Your ePortfolio website template is available in the Google Sites Template Gallery. Your portfolio must be created through your CU Google account (not on your personal Gmail account) in order to access the LSM ePortfolio template. 

After you are logged into Google with your credentials, navigate to:

  • Click the red "Create" button at the top left corner of the page
  • Choose "Browse the gallery for more" and search for LSM eportfolio
  • Choose the template LSM ePortfolio and click "Select"
  • Name your site

NOTE: Site name cannot be changed after creating your site. Do not make any mistakes during this step.

  • Click "Create Site"
  • This site will be ready for editing/personalization immediately

Step 3:

Design and complete your portfolio following these guidelines. 

If you declared the minor prior to Fall 2015, you will need to complete an ePortfolio Summative Reflection Essay as part of your ePortfolio.

​The following resources may be helpful before making your final ​

 ePortfolio submission 

ePortfolios will be graded pass/fail basis using this rubric.

Helpful Websites and Materials:

About this course: The capstone project consists of a case study that must be addressed to complete the specialization. In the case study, you will be asked to assume the role of the incoming chief executive officer of a fictitious privately held medical device company. From the company’s standpoint, its customers are the clinics that use and dispense its products, rather than the end-users of the company’s products. The company is currently facing a range of challenges, including obstacles to access for world-wide users of the company’s product, as well as internal conflict about the company’s priorities and a new disruptive technology. You will be asked to help the board address key changes in the industry, by developing a strategy to meet these challenges. Specifically, you will submit artifacts responding to a series of challenges related to the case. The artifacts will be peer-assessed on how effectively you applied concepts and skills explored throughout the specialization, assessed your own skills as a leader, evaluated the data to help you make an informed decision, developed a customer-facing design process, and communicated your strategy to relevant stakeholders.

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