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The following appeared in an article in a health and fitness magazine:
“Laboratory studies show that Saluda Natural Spring Water contains several of the minerals necessary for good
health and that it is completely free of bacteria. Residents of Saluda, the small town where the water is bottled,
are hospitalized less frequently than the national average. Even though Saluda Natural Spring Water may seem
expensive, drinking it instead of tap water is a wise investment in good health.”


According to the author of the article in health and fitness magazine, in terms of good health, it is wiser to spend and drink Saluda Natural Spring Water than to save and drink tap water. However, there are several fallacies in the argument made by the author due to the following reasons.

First, it is mentioned that the residents of Saluda, which is the location of bottling, are hospitalized lesser than the national average. The article fails to mention whether the residents drink the same water which is bottled in Saluda. It is possible that the residents are healthier because they do not drink the water which is bottled and prefer tap water or some other brand. Knowing the water which the residents of Saluda drink will go a long way in establishing the author's argument.

Further, the author fails to take in to account the presence of bacteria, which may be beneficial for human health, in tap water. Certain studies have indicated that some bacteria, such as those as found in probiotic food, in fact, help in digestion. The absence of such bacteria in Saluda Natural Spring Water may end up disturbing a healthy functioning of the human body. Also, a lab study similar to the one done for Saluda Natural Spring Water should be done for tap water, to check for the presence of the beneficial minerals present in the former.

Lastly, there is no mention of the bottling process and conditions of the bottles used to pack Saluda Springs Natural Water. In line with the studies, the water may be beneficial, however, any contamination in the bottling process or the quality of bottles used may have an adverse impact on the customer's health. Recently, in one of the developing countries, a leading soft drink's brand had to suffer huge losses due to detection of harmful chemicals in the bottle. While there was no chemical detected in the drink itself, these chemicals were found in the inside coating of the bottle. A positive result in a thorough survey of the entire packaging process, bottling process and shipping process right from source to the consumer's hands will assist in strengthening the author's claim.

In conclusion, there are several gaps in the author's claim of choosing Saluda Springs Natural Water over tap water, as noted above. The mentioned steps will help in establishing the validity argument.

“How do I evaluate my GMAT AWA essay?” “How can I get GMAT AWA scores for practice?” “Are there any free good online AWA essay raters?”

These are questions that we got from many MBA applicants. So I brushed up my rusty programming skills, read up on the basics of NLP and created this automated AWA essay rater.

If you want to know whether those GMAT AWA templates you downloaded from various online forums are really useful, create a few GMAT AWA sample essays and test them out here using our GMAT AWA Rater. Though even the best essay checker software cannot match the accuracy of the official test, it’s still a good way to know where you stand.

Read these GMAT AWA essay tips. Once you are ready to get some practice, come back to this page and try out the GMAT AWA Rater which will rate your AWA essays. You can do it any number of times. And yeah, it’s free.

How to use the GMAT AWA Rater to evaluate & grade GMAT essays

Step 1: Write your GMAT AWA essays in a text editor (like Notepad or MS Word).
Step 2: Organise the AWA essay into paragraphs.
Step 3: Enter a blank line to indicate the completion of a paragraph.
Step 4: Copy and paste the entire AWA essay in the big text box below.
Step 5: Click on the ‘Check’ button.

The rating for your AWA essay will be displayed below the button.

[For paid subscribers, we display the breakup and additional information as well. If you are a GMAT trainer and would like your students to access our premium version, get in touch with us.]

Parameters on which your GMAT AWA essay samples would be rated

Coherence and connectivity: This rating evaluates how the expressions & ideas flow across paragraphs. Whether you are expressing a point of view for or against an argument, you can increase this rating by effectively using structure words and connectives. This strengthens the linkage of common themes across the essay.

Organization: How you’ve divided the AWA essay into relevant paragraphs is tested under this parameter. You can take this score higher by organizing the essay into paragraphs. It is also desirable to demarcate the ideas by following the regular convention of leaving blank lines to mark the logical and physical conclusion of that idea. The next paragraph can then build upon a related by distinct idea.

Readability: Your grasp on the language and your ability to display the variety in it is tested here along with the sentence structure. You don’t get brownie points for complicated sentences. Keep it simple and structured.

Note: While the GMAT provides scores at intervals of 0.5 only, this GMAT AWA Rater provides scores in continuous decimal points so that you can know exactly how you’ve been progressing with every attempt.

Essay Checker Limitations: What the GMAT AWA Essay Rater can’t do

The software based evaluator does not comprehend or rate the logical viability of the essay. The submitted piece is evaluated as an independent argument essay on the above mentioned attributes. In the current version, the software skips grammatical mistakes. There may be many other limitations as well. Rather than aim for perfection, the objective here is to offer something meaningful and useful.

So instead of trying to focus on the shortcomings, use the output as an additional data point and continue using the other GMAT AWA templates or samples that you have, to improve your AWA skills.

And while you focus on GMAT prep, make sure you understand the bigger picture of the world you are trying to enter. Read Beyond The MBA Hype.

Also read these MBA application success stories of applicants just like you who have overcome low GMAT scores to get into good business schools, many with partial and full tuition waivers and MBA scholarships.

Start using the GMAT AWA Rater

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Disclaimer: The GMAT AWA rater uses a proprietary algorithm that has no connection with the official GMAT AWA rating logic. Neither the software nor MBA Crystal Ball are connected with the official GMAT team. The results aren’t meant to be an accurate indicator of your performance on the real GMAT test. Use it for practice and at your own risk.

What do you think about the AWA essay rater? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

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