Year 4 Science Homework Sheets

In Year 4 science, your child will be encouraged to ask questions about scientific concepts and then carry out experiments to find out the answers. In doing this they will:

  • learn what a 'fair test' is.
  • take measurements from a range of equipment.
  • gather and record data.
  • report on findings orally and in writing.

Science topics in Year 4

Living things and their habitats

  • use classification keys to group living things.
  • recognise that environments can change and this can pose dangers.

Animals, including humans

  • describe the functions of the digestive system in humans.
  • identify types of teeth in humans and their simple functions.
  • interpret food chains, naming producers, predators and prey.

States of matter

  • classify materials as solids, liquids or gases.
  • observe that materials change state when they are heated or cooled.
  • understand evaporation and condensation as part of the water cycle.


  • understand how sounds are made through vibrations.
  • look at how pitch and volume can be altered.


  • understand how a circuit is made up of cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers.
  • recognise some common conductors and insulators.

Try this at home

  • Look at your teeth in the mirror. You will notice that they are all different shapes and sizes. Why do you think this is? Think about how your teeth help you to break down food. How do the different shapes and sizes help to do this?
  • With adult supervision heat some butter in one pan and some chocolate in another. What happens to them as they heat? Now put each one in a small dish and put it in the fridge. What do you think will happen?
  • If you have any musical instruments in the house, have a go at playing them. Objects need to vibrate to make sounds. How is each instrument vibrating?
  • Go to the library and see if you can find any books on food chains, the water cycle or electricity. Now you can impress your class with your background knowledge when you get back to school!

Practise the concepts your child is investigating in school with our Year 4 science worksheets.

Science Worksheets Listed By Specific Topic Area

Science is an area of study which involves anything and everything in the entire Universe. It helps us understand who we are as humans and what we need in order to survive. You learn about the different compounds, atoms, and molecules that make up the different foods and beverages that we consume. It is a necessary area of study for students to learn, understand, and explore.

We offer tons of exciting science worksheets for teachers to print out. We have a variety of different and interesting subjects that can be taught and studied. We have fun activities to add to your science lessons. We are constantly adding new science worksheets to our site for all grade levels. If there is a certain topic of interest that you need but do not see on our site, please let us know and we will do the best we can to help you! You will find well over 1,000 worksheets in this area. We try to make plenty available for all grade levels. New complete sections are on their way.

  1. Animals - Our most complete science area. Includes great printables for acquainting students with their Kingdom.
  2. Arbor Day Trees- Take a little time to appreciate where our oxygen comes from.
  3. Biology Labs - Some great hands-on basic biology labs.
  4. Cells - A thorough offering of both plant and animal cell curricula.
  5. Chemistry Labs - Very simple chemistry labs that require few supplies, but a very fun.
  6. Dinosaurs - Fun sheets involving our favorite extinct organisms.
  7. Earth - Planet Earth Worksheets. Great for Earth Day!
  8. Elements and Compounds - Practice for learning your chemical element symbols, a printable periodic table, and a great deal more!
  9. Environment - Worksheet that bring awareness to pollution and taking care of Mother Nature!
  10. Farm Worksheets - Great for Agriculture Day.
  11. Food - A look at the basic nature of food.
  12. Forces Of Nature - Worksheets that help students learn about hurricanes, tornadoes, and other conditions humans encounter.
  13. General Activities - The activities in this section require student to use basic skills.
  14. Human Body - Fun activities and worksheet for introducing the human body.
  15. Hurricane and Tornadoes - Focuses on this specific aspect of nature.
  16. Influential Scientists - The people who helped drive science throughout the world.
  17. Insects - Worksheets for Insect fun!
  18. Inventors - These worksheets really help kids appreciate inventors!
  19. Magnets / Electricity - Examine the finer points of magnets and their relationship to electricity.
  20. Measurement - Metric and U.S. Standards of Measurement.
  21. Oceans - Students learn about the nature of oceans and ocean life.
  22. Physics Labs - From the laws of motion to magnets. Labs can be adapted to just about any level.
  23. Plants - Learn about plants and their relationship with other living things.
  24. Rainforest - Learning about the wonders of this beautiful biome.
  25. Safety Form - Use this form to make students and parents aware of your safety rules.
  26. Science Graphic Organizers Set- Graphic organizers are great learning tools to help students organize science information.
  27. Scientific Method Worksheets - We look at the practical uses of the scientific method.
  28. Simple Machines - My how machines make our lives easier!
  29. Sorting and Classifying - Great for meeting national standards.
  30. Space - We explore the entire Solar System!
  31. Tsunamis - Take an in depth look at this phenomenon!
  32. Volcanoes - Examine the dangerous, yet intriguing nature of volcanoes.
  33. Water - The Compound of life is explored. Common questions and chemical questions are answered.
  34. Weather - Take a look at the power and mystery of the Earth's weather patterns.
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