Persuasive Essay Prompts 7th Grade

The Top 20 Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Grade 7

If you are in grade 7 then you may be required to occasionally write various persuasive essays. If this is the case then you may be looking for ideas related to various topics that will be suitable for a persuasive paper written by a student who is in grade 7.

Of course, you may have further restrictions about what kind of topics you can use; for example, you may be writing the paper for a particular subject and, therefore, the topic you choose might have to be relevant to that subject.

Nevertheless, to give you an idea of various topics that might be suitable for a persuasive essay for a grade 7 student, the following outlines 20 suggestions. Therefore, hopefully, you’ll find a relevant topic from the list of titles below.

  1. Should children be allowed to play dangerous sports at school?
  2. Should children be required to wear padding and safety equipment to protect them when playing potentially dangerous sports?
  3. Should the legal age at which young people can drive be increased in order to reduce the number of accidents that occur?
  4. Should rich countries provide more in foreign aid to countries in the developing world?
  5. Should parents do more to ensure that the children eat a more healthy diet?
  6. Should people who are overweight and obese pay more for their clothing?
  7. Should children learn about different religions while at school?
  8. When people of different religions are discriminated against can this be classed as racism?
  9. Should the government subsidize energy bills for the poor and the elderly?
  10. Should cyclists have to pay a tax in order to use public roads?
  11. Should cyclists have to pass a test and apply for a license before being allowed to use public roads?
  12. Should motorcycles be bound from the road?
  13. Should soldiers and other people in the Armed Forces and more money?
  14. Is immigration a good thing?
  15. Should the European Union make plans to abandon the euro and reinstate former currencies?
  16. Should big businesses do more to ensure that products are produced by individuals who are paid a fair wage?
  17. Does freedom of speech truly exist?
  18. Should Americans be allowed to own guns?
  19. Should the United States reduce the size of its prison population?
  20. Should smoking be made completely illegal?

List Of Unique Argumentative Essay Topics For Grade 7

Grade 7 is the final year of the Middle School. It means that though students are largely immature, they have at least retained some grains of dissection and analysis. They can make decent comparisons and understand what is right or wrong.

Shaping their minds

Their mind can be well-cultivated by choosing biting and incisive argumentative essay topics. Of course, you will have to keep the topics conversant to their standard. The operative words are creativity and analysis.

Attracting attention

You should think of unique topics which first attract their attention before they invariably feel they know about the topic. This leads them to do elemental research (at their level, you can only expect elementary research).

Worth of debates

You should make them discuss among themselves on pertinent and relevant topics so they can create a mental pool from which to derive ideas and inspiration. This also accredits them with further prowess of dissection and shape.

Ingrained in nature

You should ask them to conjure interesting topics and then write small yet evocative pieces, taking one or the other side of the argument. The tenet is actually ingrained in human nature; so you don’t have to teach a child how to argue; only to argue discreetly.

Going through samples

You should make them go through effective samples that may open their eyes on the texture of such pieces and how the germane points should be emphasized on. They should also view educational channels on television to be more alert.

Reading helps

You should encourage them to read and read more; not just their curricular book but interesting short stories as well. This will help hem cultivate a writing style which passes muster according to their grade. This is a gradual process and should not be rushed into.

Meanwhile, here are 10 startling argumentative essay topics conforming to the standard of the 7th grade

  1. Should parents involve themselves too much with the kids’ education?
  2. Should 7th grade students be allowed cell phone as a possession?
  3. Should families be punished for not maintaining decent indoor air quality?
  4. Should it be mandatory to take kids to two perfect out-city trips per year?
  5. Is sibling give-and-take productive or destructive?
  6. Should kids avail cycles or carpools to school?
  7. Is juvenile delinquency more serious than it is supposed to be?
  8. Is dependence a curse or a necessity?
  9. Should parents make it mandatory for kids to play outside for at least one hour every day?
  10. Should people work towards being the best in one field or being decent in many?
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