Essay On Community Health And Environment

Health And Environment Essay

6.1 Introduction: Health

"Health is wealth" a common thought in all around the world. In both developed and developing countries, health is probably one of the most important sectors, which generates intense emotional debate and ideological divisions. In Bangladesh the Fifth Five Year plans (1997-2002) states, "Providing medical care is the constitutional obligation of the Govt." The main thrust of the health program has been the provision of primary health care services that has been recognized as a key approach to attain "Health for all" by the year 2000. However during the last few decades, it becomes clear that the right of the health care is far from the absolute. Inadequate funding, inefficiency and corruption are the main problems in our health sector. The district hospitals are generally overcrowded with capacity unequal to demand. As a result poor people do not get the proper services from the Govt. hospital. A few lucky persons get the better treatment from the private sector because they can effort. Some of them go to abroad to get the best health treatment.

Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee's (BRAC) community based health and populations program that utility community health workers and makes use of community partnership is one such successful example of extending all elements of ESP through community partnership.

6.1.2 Objective:

To capture the differences of villagers in their health conditions and concept

What are the different types of health facilities the villagers get.

To visualize the different types of health problems according the villagers.

6.1.3 Procedure:

By doing PRA in the first step.

Collecting data by using questionnaire survey.

By doing the crosscheck.


The Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) follows the international guidelines recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The guidelines recommend that all children receive a BCG vaccination against tuberculosis; three doses of DPT vaccine for the prevention of diphtheria, whooping cough and tetanus; three doses of polio vaccine; and a vaccination against measles. WHO recommends that children receive all of these vaccines before their first birthday and that the vaccinations be recorded on a health card given to the parents.

Table H -1: Distribution of the respondents by their Immunization status


Status Name of the diseases

Polio Diphtheria Tetanus Whooping cough Measles

Immunized 86% 82% 78% 76% 74%

Not Immunized 16% 18% 22% 24% 26%

Total 100% ...

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Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey
H’Linh Kay
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Sentinel City Community Windshield Survey
A community is defined as a group of people who live in the same area, where they interact with each other and share common interests, beliefs, needs, resources, and environment (Harkness, & DeMarco, 2016, p. 189). The windshield survey is a personal collection of observed data while walking or driving a car or using public transportation in the community. The purpose of this assignment is to complete a virtual experience of Sentinel City. During a tour, the primary focus will assess the core of Sentinel City community environment through windshield survey method, which identifies the community dynamics…show more content…

There are adults and teenagers walking along the sidewalks and socializing in the outdoor eating areas. Traveling further into the area, some buildings’ outer walls have graffiti. Toward downtown, the roads show sign of age and ware with some cracks that need repair. There are some trash bags outside of the older buildings with dumpsters close by the main road.
Just outside of Casper Park District, the bus continues toward Industrial Heights neighborhood, which has 38,855 population and predominately 46.8% Latino and 13.1 % African American with average household income of $24,672. The community consist of old buildings and there are more graffiti on outer walls. There are adults and teenagers walking along the street, where some appears to be heading toward an old “Grocery Store” or “Downtown Store”. Throughout the area, the roads are dirty with cracks and debris. There are many trash bags outside the building or dumpsters, and close to the sidewalks. On West Main Street, there are many children in playground within the Industrial Heights Elementary school. A police officer walks the students from the bus drop-offs toward the school. Further out of the school area on Elm Street, there is a broken car on the roadside, another vehicle burning and a firetruck heading toward it. A police patrol car is on Stephens

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